First Board Meeting

The first meeting of the board was accomplished on May 4th 2019. Board members agreed upon initial direction for the organization, initial allocation of funding for completion of the Pacific Health Network web site, general fund raising goals moving forward, and outlined general goals for the organization. An amendment was passed and several key initiatives were announced...

Primarily the mission of the organization, which is "improving access to health care and health education for vulnerable populations worldwide" will be carried out using a variety of techniques.

Initially the organization plans to roll out a discount card program to help attract and maintain new members. Members who join Pacific Health Network pay just $55 per year for a variety of discounts at both local health clinics and resources available worldwide via the internet. This helps Pacific Health Network to accomplish our mission while attracting new members.

Launching the new web site and ironing out the kinks will be the second primary goal. A strong web presence will help to facilitate expansion of the discount card program for the organization therefore help to attract ne members. The web site will be database driven, and include such features as moderated comments boards and back-end tools to simplify writing of articles. Ultimately the goal is to enhance back-end functionality to the point that that anyone who has basic knowledge of HTML can become an editorial contributor for

At this time board members provide the vast majority of funding for the organization, but by 2021 the organization plans to get at least 30% of its operational costs from independent donors. As our 501c3 status has been accepted, donations will be tax deductible. Donors may enjoy a variety of benefits, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that they are contributing to the continuation of this organization and informative web site.

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